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FAIR's Rising Generation Wiki
Shoulder the legacy of
Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research.
To the youth!

Featured Event

ATTENTION: FRG's first media clip is available for viewing on YouTube!

July 18th, 2009

Tommy Lugaresi, volunteer youth member and video producer of FRG, has released the first media clip to receive FRG's official stamp. Tommy's video is all about dating, made by a youth, for the youth watch it now at FRG's YouTube Channel

Y-FAIR is now FRG!

July 1st, 2009

The Youth FAIR has turned into FAIR's Rising Generation. They're still transitioning some of their content to display the new name, but President Erik Slack says he is "excited about the change and [is] sure that this was a big step in becoming a greater influence for good."

As if inspired by a hot new name, FRG volunteers have begun regular blogging efforts on an official FRG blog. Their goal for the blog: to inspire, instruct, and reach out to the youth of the online community. Check out their latest posts at!

Featured Article

Mission Prep: How to Look Sharp

The Missionary Handbook reads, "Your appearance is often the first message others receive, and it should support what you say."[1] This means looking professional and staying maintained are critical parts of finding people to teach as a missionary. Neither sloppy nor trendy will do, and this guide is for young men preparing to serve, but don't know how to create a missionary wardrobe, or do not know how to maintain one. Keep in mind this article discusses the pros and cons of a few expensive articles of clothing. This is to help you determine how much you want to invest in mission clothing. Some things, like water resistant shirts, are nice, but are not even close to essential. It is a very good idea to keep extra money once you arrive in your mission in case some of your clothing gets prematurely damaged, or gets too small (or big if you lose weight).

Read more at Mission Prep: How to Look Sharp

Featured Article

Is Truth Relative?

Some people love McDonald's. Others prefer Burger King. Is one better than the other? Ultimately, it's left up to personal preference. Moral relativists take that idea and apply it to religion. They argue that one religion is true for some people, while other religions are true for other people. It doesn't matter if you don't follow my religion because my religion is only true for me.

While this kind of thinking seems friendly, nice, and liberating, preferences don't equal truth and mixing the two doesn't actually help people.

Read more at Is Truth Relative?

About FRG

FAIR's Rising Generation

Rising Generation’s mission is to bear witness to the truth of Jesus Christ and His restored Church in helping strengthen the testimonies in the hearts of the rising generation of youth and young adults. To this end, we will assist other youth in understanding the doctrines and practices of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We will support them in this capacity with media and information that will develop comprehension and testimony, and we will do it in a style that is both fun and inspirational.

--Erik S. 16:12, 18 July 2009 (UTC)

Join Us!

We need more hands and minds to work with FRG in order to support the youth on a much grander scale. Rising Generation has a huge potential for growth and the more people we get to help us, the more we can accomplish.

If you are a youth and are willing to ponder and answer the questions of other youth then we can use you. If you are a young adult and you're willing to work with youth and other young adults to teach and inspire them, then we can use you. If you are an adult who has experience with leading and instructing youth and are willing to provide guidance for our youth and young adults, then we can use you.

Did you notice something that all three categories had in common? To be a member of FRG, a person must be willing to serve. If you fall under any those three categories then please send us a message immediately via our web form at

--FAIR's Rising Generation

FRG Editors

The YFAIR Wiki is built by volunteer editors. If you would like to become an editor, visit our prospective membership page.

If you are already an editor, the following will be of interest to you: